8 Minutes – New Georgian Short Film

Everything is about details, the details make the whole picture, they make the picture to move and the most important thing about details is that they trigger our emotions, while keeping our eyes on screen.

It is not an easy thing to make a whole picture and make it to move. It becomes more difficult for a filmmaker to accomplish the task in short film, to develop and express his or her idea in brief and bring it to the spectators as it was meant to bring.

“8 Minutes” is a Georgian short that succeeded in every possible point that creators managed to create from the idea to the final project.

Director says “Action!’, while we hear it as “Freeze”, breath is held and we are waiting for the sun to black out in 8 minutes. The entire film is full of surprises, action, emotion, quick and sharp camera movements evolve us into the chaotic environment of the world, which will be drown into darkness in 8 minutes. Someone keeps the patience, someone loses his hope in magic, someone still believes in his power and white rabbit hole can be easily found in a very last minute.

And when hitting the last accords of drama and apocalypse, suddenly all becomes comic, cynical and finally, we get some rest from everything.

Very refined acting of the famous Georgian theater actor Slava Natenadze is the last puzzle of the whole image, perfectly finalizing comic character of extremely dramatic apocalypse.

After the film, I was asking myself, how I could use the last 8 minutes. I though that 8 minutes is not enough time, in this fast and furious world. 8 minutes is only enough for magic to happen or make a call, you had to make a while ago.

“The older I get, the more I look at movies as a moving miracle. Audiences are harder to please if you’re just giving them special effects…but they’re easy to please if it’s a good story.” The more I watch new Georgian movies, it becomes harder not to believe in what once Spielberg said. Moreover, one thing is to have the idea and the other is to develop it, make right accents and precise final cuts.

Of course, there are many good stories around, though, first of all, you must be very skillful to guess and discover good one and then manage to develop it; through many years, until now, screenplay was not a bright side of the Georgian movies, especially for short films. In this case, with the help of famous Georgian writers Zaza Koshkadze and Mari Bekauri, very smart screenplay was developed; It should be mentioned that the duo had very successful and interesting carrier moves both in film or book writing environment. 

8 Minutes a film by young and prospective Georgian filmmakers Giorgi Gogichaishvili and Dato Abramishvili has already succeeded at many film festivals. We’ve seen it among the finalists of Manhattan Shorts, International Short Film Festivals and others. The film is in short film competition at Batumi Art-House Film Festival.


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