Images through my fingers

While rolling on the huge stones of Batumi Beach, you have much time for doing tones of things, like reading, chatting with friends and taking photos through your fingers.  Kind a fun! People are so adapted with selfie photo capturing that they even don’t understand that you’re taking pictures of them. Kind a Paparazzi!

I don’t really love to be a Paparazzi, though, when I want some shots, like candid shots, I have to be and I loved to play with my fingers, touching parts of their bodies, skins and feel them in such a possible way.

Through our fingers, we can reign over every single part of our life and not only ours, others as well, or to say honestly, mostly of others. Kind a pretending to be a dominant!

I don’t have many images through my fingers, though I hope, I can transfer those feelings through one of the most sensitive parts of your body and even feel the Sun and smell of the sea salt. Enjoy!









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