Tbilisi Flea Market – a place for bright Sundays

If you are a person being busy and overloaded all through the week, or if you are the person being bored with movies, theaters or other similar activities, or if you are a person being bored with doing nothing, then Tbilisi Flea Market is the exact place to go on Sundays; to be more precise, you can make your Sundays brighter in every two weeks.

A place for bright Sundays offers you various handmade odds and ends, pieces of art, original and field-made food and drinks, sometimes live music, the Sun, good weather and green field to sit on with your friends or just spend your time alone, either in reading books, listening music or do whatever you want to do.

When I am in Tbilisi, I always try to go to Deda Ena Park, where usually Tbilisi Flea Market takes place and enjoy my time by tasting quite interesting food and drink and shoot some photos.

As far as I know, tomorrow, Flea Market will be arranged in Kutaisi as well, click here for the event . 

Here are some photos of mine, from previous Flea Markets.

flea (3 of 51)

flea (28 of 51)



And more at my flickr account  🙂


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