Passion of Taste: Acharian Khachapuri

When it comes to food, I become extremely devoted, passionate and involved. I do love both, cooking and tasting of well made food. Mostly I prefer home made food, or near to home made dishes. Thus, cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs that offer such food attracts me me much then others.

Busy people are rare visitors of their homes because of their busy life schedule, so we are always seeking for such home style environment in cafes and restaurants, including home made food of course. Maybe it won’t remind us our granny’s house or dishes from our childhood, but it will be as close to the word “home”, as possible.

I do have many favourite places in Tbilisi and in other cities as well, but now I would like to bring your eye to Batumi, namely into the world of the Chef Gia Agirba, Master of Acharian Khachapuri. He owns small cafe in Batumi called Retro, we visited during our press tour in Batumi and the place is especially famous for its Gia’s Doughless Acharian Khachapuri (word by word translation of Georgian transcript: Gias Tsomgamotslili); term means that this type of Acharian Khachapuri is very little amount of dough in it and there is more cheese, butter and egg on top.

When you visit Batumi, you have to list it into your must-see list of places. As one should never miss the chance to search and find new tastes, what in the world can stand with the food made with love and passion. Don’t miss it! .

Here are some photos, I’ve taken at Retro:





This one should be in colour, right? 🙂

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