Art of being trapped

“Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.” ― Honoré de Balzac

Yesterday, I was driving home in a pretty windy weather; wind was quite strong and I could hardly keep my car driving properly; I was frightened of being incapable of avoiding the car crash or fight against the wind.

Incapability or things beyond one’s reasonable control are the things that throw me into the arms of depression and stress, condition or situation where you are not able to help or prevent things that bother.

Powerless, lying on the ground you’re hopelessly staring into blankness; no one comes out and never will come out, you’re waiting in vain. Even if there are some people around, soothing you, trying to help you and fix the things for you, STILL you’re absolutely powerless lying on the ground and absolutely alone.  Unfortunately.

To say the truth, YOU are the only creator of the situation, I’ve already imaged for you and fortunately YOU are the only savior of yourself. It is simple, you have a very tiny, tiny step to make – YOU have to trust yourself and trust the people, staring at you from the blankness you are staring at and trying to help you honestly.

I know that this tiny step is extremely hard to make; it is absolutely hard to regain belief in yourself and especially in people around you. But there is no other way out. You need to share your worries, your memories, which may be either sweet or bitter, killing you slowly when kept in depth.

So, please speak up! speak to yourself and to the people you trust, if there is left anyone to speak to and if there is left anything to speak about.

Every single way out lays through your body and soul, nothing can help, no solitude, no walking in the wood alone or swimming at sunrise or running along the river or sitting on a garden bench, waiting for magic to happen.

This is not the way brave men behave, they just ACT!


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