Stop Violence Against Women

Today, on November 25, in many towns of Georgia, including the capital city – Tbilisi, people came out to protest violence against women. Quite intensive and diligent stop-violence-campaign was launched about a month ago, following aggressively accelerated femicide in Georgia.

Thus, notwithstanding very cold and rainy day, lots of people appeared in up to 30 towns of Georgia simultaneously, standing under umbrellas in hope of avoiding any further act of violence or any single act of femicide.

During the protest, people made symbolical colour hand prints on the stand and signed the anti-violence petition.

Stop-violence-campaign will be held continuously, for standing out such an important issue and reminding society about the rights of the women.

Here are some photos from the venue –  Tbilisi, former building of the Parliament of Georgia.


Baia pataraia


and some more photos at –  Flickr account

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  1. I would like to get involved in this next time you hold one. I run a FVIP in Paulding and try to stay active with this kind of thing. I hope we can end the violence soon so all people can live happy, productive lives. Good luck with your fight, it is worthy.

    1. Thank you Matthew for your support. Have a nice day ❤

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