Beyond Sochi by Thomas Dworzak

Beyond Sochi
Beyond Sochi

Recently,  Magnum photographer Thomas Dworzak presented his Photobook “Beyond Sochi” at the Writers’ House in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Like the content, design of the book is also very diverse and tempting to stretch every page and check the photos inside, followed by a little bit explanatory textbook by William Dunbar.

I shall not post the photos from the book itself, but I dare to insert some text by William Dunbar, which I found a little intriguing and catchy, as well as the photos I took at the presentation.

An introduction to Sochi 

“Sochi has always been an unusual place, and with arrival of the Olympics it has only got weirder. It is the warmest place in Russia, the only place where snow in the winter is uncommon (which raises a series of questions about the advisability of locating the games there). In fact, Sochi has a subtripical cliate: think Greece, not Siberia. It’s a place of palm trees, citrus groves and swimming in November . . . Winter is usually off-season, and there is not really any tradition of winter sports (given that there isn’t much winter). Things will be different this year of course, but one wonders whether the figure skating, hockey and curling arenas (not to mention the dozens of ski slopes) will see much use beyond 2014.”

And much more, you can find truly interesting information about the Circassians, their traditions, cuisine, attire, wars, etc  in this tiny textbook.

Thomas Dworzak  2014
Thomas Dworzak

Click for more photos from the presentation


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