Egypt: Diving in Hurghada

“Safety”, “feeling like a fish in the water”, “feeling as if you’re in a dream” etc. have you ever really thought about these words and phrases actually? I haven’t, until I went underwater covering 11 meters depth, staying there for 18 minutes.

So, I got my scuba, actually I was helped to put it on, stood up hardly (it was terribly heavy), they threw me in the water and I went for diving in the Red Sea together with my diving instructor. Though I am not kind of a coward person, I had some strange feelings as it was for the first time and didn’t know what there waited for me.

As I mentioned above,  scuba was very heavy and I also had stone belt on my waist. We went down slowly, water met us with air-like clearness, full of corals and colour fishes, blue, red, purple, black, grey etc all the colours of the nature were now underwater, my eyes were wide open, I was tremendously astonished, moving my head slightly left and right, as, with scuba no sharp movements are possible.My diver was holding my hand and carrying me slowly, showing various wonders of the Red Sea around us.

From time to time he tightened my hand and asked me via hand signals whether I was ok or not and I was responding him with the same way – circling with thumb and index finger, while keeping rest of the fingers straight, meaning “I’m OK”. After awhile, he asked me “let’s go down” with his thumb down, I repeated it too, as I felt well and I was able to go deeper in the sea. More depth equals to more wonders in the Sea.

Time passes and suddenly, my diver pushes on my shoulder hardly, I looked up and kind of a shark’s tail passed away, for just a second I was scared a little bit, but soon everything was OK, five dolphins were swimming around us peacefully and joyfully, yeap, joyfully, I felt that, they were swimming up and down, we were in the middle of the dolphin circle, Gosh! it was the most amazing and extraordinary moment in my life. No, I cannot express in words what I felt then, yes! Definitely! It was the moment called “just like in a dream”, “fairy tale” or some other fairy stuff, which is not just stuff for me any more. (Later when I got back to the yacht, I was told by divers that I was very lucky,  as they were chasing for filming dolphins for a month there);

I enjoyed diving very much, Red Sea embraced me warmly, showing her hospitality to a newcomer, I was co-dived by exceptionally wonderful diver, holding my hand as gently as Al Pacino held her partner’s hand while dancing Tango.

And notwithstanding of our terrifically heavy scubas, he led me to Tango pas so gently as if he was carrying a feather in the air, and my dear people, once and for all, I was shocked and amazed of all these.

Being so weak and feeling so safe at the same time – I could never imagine a moment like this.

I miss it; I am so bored of playing rough games.

2010, Hurghada, Egypt 

I have just jumped 🙂


Signal - "I'm OK" 🙂

dancing 🙂

Flirting Turtles  🙂


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