Chicken in nut sauce

Chicken in nut sauce i.e. Kharcho in Georgia varies according to the regions of Georgia. This time my sister was in the kitchen and I was just a photographer. So she prepared Megrelian (west Georgia) style Kharcho for the first time, with some new elements.
Usually Kharcho is eaten with Maize Porridge (G’omi) like African Ugali, Fufu and also with maize bread .

African Fufu with Palm Nut Sauce

(Source: wikipedia)


1 kg – chicken

300 gr – nuts

5 cloves of Garlic

1 onion

200 gr – chicken broth

Spices and salt to taste

According to my sister’s recipe, first boil the chicken, cut it in pieces and keep the broth aside.

Afterwards begin to prepare nut sauce. You have to toast nuts for skinning.

Then grind the toasted nuts,  mix of spices called Kharcho Spice (dried coriander, Fenugreek and saffron), salt, mashed garlic,  pepper in meat chopper and put in a medium size bowl and add some chicken broth.

Afterwards take a medium size pot and saute sliced onions until soft yellow, pour nut sauce in it and add some broth if it is too thick;

Keep the pot on low fire and after boiling put slices of chicken in it.

My sister worried about the dish very much, but in vain, it was very delicious.  🙂

Bon Appétit! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tamuna Minashvili says:

    ეს ხარჩო კი არა, საცივი გაუკეთებია ბავშვს! ჩემი თბილისელი ბებო ამზადებდა ზუსტად მაგ რეცეპტით! უგემრიელესი იყო! ოღონ მიხაკსაც ამატებდა ასე 4-5 ცალს. 🙂
    ყოჩაღ ლამრო!

    1. Foodie from Georgia says:

      საცივი თხილით, ხარჩოს სუნელით და ნივრით? 😀

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