Georgia: Batumi Dock

After BIAFF , I took a walk around Batumi Sea Port.

The Batumi Sea Port is situated in the South-West part of the Black Sea. The territory of the port -22.2 hectare. Number of berths-11. Total area of the open storage territory – 16 412 m2.

By the beginning of the XX century, Batumi Sea Port became one of the leading ports of the Black Sea by its importance and freight turnover. Later, five more berths were built for oil tankers and dry cargo ships. The freight turnover was increasing, the range of the cargo expanded. In 1923, during the period of the Soviet government, Batumi Sea Port was registered as the port of the highest — 1 category, what sped up its development even more.

At that time it was among the ports of the Soviet Union, with the turnover of more than 1 million tones. In 1959-1962 the marine passenger terminal was built and by 1967 the port could already receive large-capacity vessels in the outer harbor.

Fishermen at Batumi Dock

For the implementation of the operations the port is equipped with the appropriate special equipment, and facilities, most important of which are coast-protecting structures, berths, pickup mechanisms, warehouses, ships of the port fleet, intra-port railway and automobile roads, auto transport, repair shops, water supply systems, communication and marine passenger terminal.




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