Georgia: Tbilisoba 2012

Tbilisoba as a celebration was first celebrated on October 28, 1979 and since than it has became the tradition.

The first established Tbilisoba was held in the renovated districts of the city in the form of the fancy dress carnival: Tbilisi noblemen and Kneinas dressed in the Georgian traditional dresses were looking out  from the balconies on the rafts  drifting on the Mtkvari.

In Tbilisoba not only Tbilisi residents but also the population of the whole Georgia visit the capital.

People  from the different  regions  of Georgia present their autumn harvest. That’s why the second name for Tbilisoba is “Autumn celebration.”

As usual Tbilisoba events are held during the whole day, in historical parts of Georgia, for example, Metekhi Bridge, Meidani, Rike Park, etc.

Yesterday, Tbilisoba started with the program – “Multicultural Georgia” – presentation of cultural traditions of ethnic minorities in Georgia (wedding ceremonials of various nations in their national costumes, folk dances and songs) hosted by the National Library of Georgia.

Besides many diverse and beautiful events, on Sunday, Mini Wine Festival  will be held at Meidani, where you can enjoy Georgian wine and Mtsvadi .

I took some photos and filmed wedding performances of Armenians and Ossetians.




Ossetian Dance

Armenian Wedding Performance

More photos at Facebook page


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