Stewed Rice Salad

Sometimes you need simple and easy-to-make food, sometimes just a garnish for  roasted meat or a kind of that. When I found these ingredients in my fridge I didn’t have any plans or recipes, so here is what I prepared from mushroom, rice, green onions and other ingredients.

Follow the photos shot by Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S 🙂 

Boil the rice and leave for a while for soaking

Stew sliced mushroom and carrot in olive oil

[here is the picture of the stewed mushroom and carrot, which I forgot to shoot]


Put soaked rice over stewed stuff, keep it on low fire and stir it with wooden stick from time to time 

and then

Cut red, green and any-colour-you-wish bell peppers, green onions over the stewed rice and leave for couple of minutes in the pan on low fire and with closed cap.  When the dish is ready dress with salt and red pepper Afterwards I had time to play with prepared stuff 😀


Rice – 400 gr

Mushroom – 100 gr

Carrots – 2 small pieces

Bell peppers – 3 pieces

Green onions – 100 gr

Olive oil – 2 tbs

Red pepper and salt to taste    


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Conor Bofin says:

    Nice one. The rice looks very tasty indeed. Is the ‘red pepper’ paprika?

    1. Thank you Conor 🙂

      Yes that’s Paprika 🙂

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