My delicious aunt in Kakheti

Recently, we  visited my aunt in the village Vanta, Kakheti Region. She is adorable cook and wonderful hostess and prepared some meal for us quite very quickly.   🙂   (Generally people are very hospitable there and always ready to host their guests) ❤

Here is what she served for us:

mushroom Looks like Red pine mushroom (not sure) it was just stewed in oil and salted, very simple and delicious  

Carp boiled in salted water

Just salad, Georgian style, Tomato, cucumber, onion rings, basil (purple), coriander, homemade sunflower oil and salt

Pickled mix: garlic and cucumber

Goose stew – saute sliced onions, put sliced goose in it and keep it on low heat for a while, then pour some mashed tomatoes, cap it and leave for about 20 minutes on low heat. Finally dress with coriander, salt and red chopped pepper.

And finally sweet and juicy watermelon from Kakheti 😉

P.S. And everyone around the table patiently waited, while I was taking these photos ❤ 😀


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    მნიამ !

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