Cheese Festival in Tsinandali

As I mentioned in my previous post, many interesting events are held in Tsinandali.

So, about a week ago, Georgian Cheese Festival was held in Tsinandali. For some personal reasons, I was not able to attend this glorious event, though, a kind friend of mine  donated to my new blog some nice shots, which I hope you may enjoy:

Thread like Georgian Cheese

Plait Like Cheese Cheese cured in red pepper and other spices

Cheese with barberries

Cheese cured in Wine

Smoked Cheese Stripes

Unbelievable, but these are Cheese Statues 🙂

Cheese cured in goatskin

Cheese presented in a lamb form


4 Comments Add yours

  1. wow! This looks so amazing 🙂 I must get to your country one day

    1. Oh, That will be great! 🙂 🙂

  2. Brandi says:

    My goodness! What amazing cheeses! Do you know what types of cheese they are? I’d love to experiment with my mozzarella, ricotta and cheddar cheeses that I make!

    1. Generally these types of cheese are made of cow milk, all having almost the same basis, but method of curing is different due to regions in Georgia. If I find more specific recipes, I ” ll put it here for you, surely :* 🙂

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