Maize Bread with Cheese

We know maize bread, corn bread, pone, Indian bread or any other bread made from maize, corn . . . but what I am going to tell is not about just a cake from maize, but about bread largely spread in West Georgia and welcomed through the entire country.

One may ask if maize was introduced in XVII century, in Georgia, then how come that maize bread is a kind of traditional serving in Georgia. Question is quite reasonable. The thing is that, maize can be traditional for the country of its origin, and for the rest of the world the method or ingredients of its preparation; presently, we meet maize in almost every country, people make various things from maize, but all of them are exceptionally different from each other by ingredients, preparation method and taste, of course.

So is the Georgian Maize Bread with cheese, called CHVISHTARI in Georgian.

For preparation, take a large bowl and mix maize flour and salt in it. Then, step by step pour warm water in it and toss well for making dough. Finally add eggs and toss again, dough must be soft and not very thick and dry.

Heat the pan on a medium fire and pour some corn oil in it, make small balls, lightly roll in your hands, put the maize breads one by one in the pan and fry from both sides (1 minute for each side).

Serve hot.

Maize breads are highly recommended with various salads, especially with Greek salad. 

You may need:

400 gr – maize flour

Warm water (according to need)

1 tbs – Salt

100 gr – grated Georgian Cheese Sulguni

P.S. Georgian Cheese can be changed with Mozzarella + Feta


Maize Dough (looks like African Fufu)

You can make any form and fry from both side 🙂

Turn the maize bread carefully 🙂 Keep away from hot sprinkles of oil

Bon appétit!

And this is not the only kind of maize bread in Georgia . . .

To be continued . . . .


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