Shrosha – way to pottery

Yeasterday, I toured in the West of Georgia. Surely, one post cannot cover all the stuff I saw or tasted there, but I would like to introduce you with Shrosha – a small village in Zestaponi Region.

As the village is located near the central highway (close toEuropean Route E60), one cannot pass along without noticing a wide selection of beautiful handcrafted items for sale as gifts or for personal use.

Pottery is well developed in other parts of Georgia as well, and as for the Village Shrosha, it is provided with loamy land and respectively, most of the families follow pottery traditions.

Handicrafted items are exhibited along the Highway for 24/7,  people work there by shifts, I noticed that women work at daytime and men work at night there.

My father kept his word and we stopped there for renewing my kitchen with this exceptional pottery.


If you ask, they can write anything on the pottery, your name, etc . . 

And my kitchen items (large pot for main course, small, individual pots, wine vessel)


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